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The Round Tower ver 2

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A new version of the Round Tower coin, made in cooperation with The Round Tower
The front of the coins is nwe, with a new image of The Round Tower. The back is the same as before, but without the red color

The Round Tower was build by Christian IV in 1642 as an astronomical observatory, and is chifly known for its helical corridor [winding walkway, no stairs] which leads to the top, plus the spectacular view of Copenhagen. The tower is 34,8 meters [114 ft] tall, the winding walkway is 268.5 meters [881 ft] long and has 7.5 windings before one you reach the top.

At the top of The Round Tower facade is a golden inscription: a riddle. Christian IV's personal scetch for it is at the National Archives. The riddle can be interpreted like this:

The correct doctrine ("DOCTRINAM") and ("ET") justice (the sword), direct ("DIRIGE") God, ("HWHJ", the consonant writing in Hebrew which is written right to left, that is JHWH, with medieval vocal signs for Adonaj (my Lord) underneath, in total Jehova), into ("IN") the hearth (the red hearth) of the crowned (the crown) Christian IV (the C with the number 4 in it), 1642 (1642 is the year of completion of The Round Tower). Thus: God, direct the right doctrine and justice into the hearth of the crowned Christian IV.  

The popular interpretation of the riddle became: The doctor with knife directs nonsense into the hearth of Christian 4.

You can read more about the tower at

The coin is available in gold finish, silver finish, copper finish and bronze finish.

RT2 solv frontRT2 guld front

RT2 solv bagguld bag

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