Copenhagen Coin

The coins you see here are all designed in cooperation with Chris Rake aka Crake. Chris are well known for his many designs. The first Geocoin in space, Astrolab and 315.

The CopenhagenCoin project is a brainchild of 3 Danish teams: Elmbaek, Picht and Schuleit. The idea was to produce a coin with some of the many interesting and historical buildings in Copenhagen.

The Rosenborg Castle coin is the latest in a series of coins. We will show different buildings on the front, and keep the backside the same on all coins. The back is a constructed Copenhagen skyline, which shows a selection of the most famous Copenhagen building, as follows from left to right: The Marble Church, Copenhagen City Hall, The Round Tower, The Stock Exchange dragon spire, Our Saviour Church with the unique external staircase, and Our Lady's Church.

The coins can be purchased at

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